Welcome to the Classic Half Hull Ship Models web site.

Museum quality half hull ship models of the most famous America's Cup Yachts and Fishing Schooners for the interior decorator or lover of maritime history.

Hand crafted half hulls using 100% American Cherry Wood for the hull, deck housings, spars and fittings.  Each is hand rubbed and finished using the finest Danish oil stains and varnishes.

Each model is made from scratch by a past regional and national sailing titlist with over 45 years experience in model building.  I was fortunate to have been born and raised on the Atlantic on the North Shore of Boston within miles of original site where Donald McKay's great Clipper Ships were built and launched.  My sailing, not always dry, began at the age of six, model building from the age of eight.

Sailing, model building, and American maritime history have been and are my main hobbies.  All of my half hull models are offered with a guarantee that you will sense the love and craftmanship that goes into each.

Mike Keleher
6354 Cedar Lane
Lakeland, FL  33813
(863) 644-5768
E'mail:  ClassicHalfHulls@mailcity.com